Updates to Zzpace, fully CRUD now!

Over the last 2 weeks or so roughly, I made some APIS to allow my Zzpace (Angular/React) front ends and Node(Mongo/Express) backend to allow CRUD tasks.

Create – New users can be created on both of the Angular and React front-ends.

Read – Multiple APIs exist to read data from the MongoDB access.

Update – Users can update their personal information once logged in.

Delete – Admin users can delete any customer account.

Completed Juno College/HackerYou Web Dev Course

In November I completed an online two week refresher course “Web Development” at Juno College.

I would estimate 80% of it was a refresher of stuff that I’ve worked with in the past, HTML, CSS, etc that I know well

But definitely some of the course/project contents entailed some things that I definitely haven’t worked with as much lately such as Flexbox, Animations, etc.

All in all it was a good experience given my situation and I look forward to the opportunity when I find a new job/position to use some of it first hand again!

Preparing for a return to the work force!

When I left the Toronto Star in January 2018, I figured it would be a year or two break before my eventual return to the work force, but to a bunch of reasons, mostly being CV, the break was a bit longer then I expected!

In late 2018 and early/mid 2019 I applied for some jobs, and managed to go a few interviews deep with a few companies, but nothing came to fruition.

In early 2020 I was planning to go all-out on the job hunt, but unfortunately that plan got pushed back due to the unknowns of COVID.

Now I am finally eager and excited to rejoin the work force, whether the job hunt will take a few weeks or months, I’m not 100% sure. But I look forward to this upcoming adventure!

An ugly fix to a ng build error in my latest Angular update

In my most recent update for Zzpace(Angular) I ran into some an error on the production build after using the ng build that comes with Angular CLI.

Upon doing a post request on my login page, I was receiving an undefined variable error from the Angular front-end.

After digging into some github issues a bit, I noticed a similar issue and how to resolve my issue.

In a commit I had to change an angular cli angular.json setting optimization, from true to false. Unfortunately my ng build dist size has gone from 1.7mb to 8mb since this change, but I am able to run my Angular error free now.

Is this fix ideal? Nope, but it is a temporary fix until I can find a cleaner solution.

Zzpace Updates

Hey everyone!

My bad for not having many updates here on the blog, or with my project Zzpace.

But I hope to update here and my project more over the next few weeks/months!

Today, I pushed out some updates to the backend and front-ends of Zzpace that included a simple login/authentication update that utilizes Redux for Zzpace-React, ngrx-store for Zzpace, and jwt/passport for Zzpace-Node.

MongoDB hacked and my project database got dropped!

Hi everyone, after taking most of the winter off my project Zzpace, I unfortunately noticed yesterday that my AWS/MongoDB got hacked and the hackers dropped a database that had some data relevant to my Zzpace project.

Unfortunately I had my bind_ip set to the default of, which allowed anyone to access my mongo database. I have changed that setting to, which going forward will only allow access from people who properly access the AWS / Mongo server via proper SSH access.

Below is the unfortunate logs of the hacker accessing my zzpace database, and unfortunately deleting the main database, and the backup.

2019-11-04T18:33:43.263+0000 I NETWORK  [conn541] received client metadata from conn541: { application: { name: “MongoDB Shell” }, driver: { name: “MongoDB Internal Client”, version: “4.2.1” }, os: { type: “Windows”, name: “Microsoft Windows Server 2016”, architecture: “x86_64”, version: “10.0 (build 14393)” } }

2019-11-04T18:33:43.477+0000 I COMMAND  [conn541] dropDatabase zzpace – starting

2019-11-04T18:33:43.477+0000 I COMMAND  [conn541] dropDatabase zzpace – dropping 0 collections

2019-11-04T18:33:43.479+0000 I COMMAND  [conn541] dropDatabase zzpace – finished

2019-11-20T03:42:02.607+0000 I COMMAND  [conn744] dropDatabase HOW_TO_RESTORE_zzpace – starting

2019-11-20T03:42:02.608+0000 I COMMAND  [conn744] dropDatabase HOW_TO_RESTORE_zzpace – dropping 0 collections

2019-11-20T03:42:02.609+0000 I NETWORK  [conn745] end connection (15 connections now open)

2019-11-20T03:42:02.609+0000 I COMMAND  [conn744] dropDatabase HOW_TO_RESTORE_zzpace – finished

2019-11-20T03:42:02.609+0000 I NETWORK  [conn746] end connection (14 connections now open)

First Update in a while

Over the last couple months I have been slowly, yet surely making additions for my Zzpace project.

When I first started Zzpace it included a fake/mock backend in the Angular and React projects which would take in some data and spit out data to be used on the flights pages.

The fake backend has now been removed in favour of a Node backend hosted on AWS. This backend will take form data, and return data to be used on the front-end webpages.

Also, I am almost done the /hotels pages and hope to have this update pushed to github and my website in the next week or so.

Once that update has been pushed, I will be adding some tests to the Angular/React websites and add MongoDB to Zzpace-Node.

Zzpace-React has been deployed!


Zzpace-React is finally done, and has been deployed to the projects section of my website!

The code is a bit messy, but over the next couple weeks I’ll clean it up and remove a lot of the redundant/messy code.

Also since this project is done, I will start applying again for a bunch of jobs again in the GTA!

Zzpace in React

Over the next week or two I will be diving into React again, this time I will try to replicate what I did with Zzpace in Angular.

Once the React version is up-to-date with the Angular version, I will start making some additions which are a bit overdue!

You can view my progress here!