Javascript Road Trip Part 3 – Almost Done!

On Wednesday I started the Javascript Road Trip Part 3 Course and so far it’s been quite the learning experience.

This course is split into 5 levels, and a lot of the content I’ve never dealt with before.

Level 2 (Cold Closures Cove) which is described as “Explore the binding of external variables into local scopes” is something completely new to me, and I had to use the hint button several times in the challenges for this section.

As well Level 5 (Plains of Prototypes) was somewhat of a challenge as well. as it included Array, Object, String prototypes, which again is something I have never used in the past.

Completed Javascript Road Trip Part 1 and 2 Courses

On, Monday I completed the Javascript Road Trip Part 1 and Part 2 Courses.

Part 1 was pretty basic including topics such as arithmetic operators, and intro to the console.

Part 2 was a bit more difficult, but just a quick refresh of topics I’ve done in the past including while loops, for loops, arrays, and function declarations.

I hope to have the Javascript Road Trip Part 3, and Javascript Best Practices courses done by tommorow.  After that, I am looking forward to the Client Side Framework Javascript classes that include Angular, Ember and Backbone.

Completed Second Code School jQuery Course

On Tuesday, and Thursday I completed the six levels of the Code School second jQuery Course The Return Flight.

This course had introduced a bunch of jQuery functions that I haven’t used before.  Some of the functions included map, detach, event.namespace, trigger, extend, and plugin.

As well this course had several challenges with ajax, which was something I have used a bunch in the past mostly with forms being posted to multiple addresses.

Tomorrow I plan on starting the Javascript courses, and hope to finish all 4 by early next week.

An Intro to Code School and jQuery

In the fall I was introduced to Code School through an AngularJS tutorial on  Every course usually consists of a short video 5-10 minutes long, followed by a 5-10 minute exercise that needs to be completed to move on.  I like it’s setup, in comparison to various video tutorials that don’t give much of an opportunity to actually code.

Last night I started, and early today I completed the jQuery course Try jQuery.  I would estimate that 90% of the course was a refresher,  but I used some jQuery elements for the first time such as  jQuery Data.

My Code School activity can be tracked via my Report Card Page.

Over the next couple days I hope to complete Javascript and jQuery courses that are available on


Welcome to my blog!

Over the next few weeks I will use this blog to show my Journey with Javascript.  I have used jQuery, and Javascript for several years now, but I still have plenty to learn.

My rough schedule over the next few weeks includes an introduction to many of the Javascript MV* using  Afterwards I hope to create, and contribute to some Javascript projects on github.