Node and Express Courses Done!

Over the last 3 days I completed two more CodeSchool courses Real-time with Web with Node.js and Building Block of Express.  I’ve done some reading in the past with Node.JS and it was interesting to find out briefly how Node.JS works along with Express!

Also an ex-co worker told me to look into MEAN(Mongo,Express,Angular,Node) as he knew that I have been looking into Angular, Node, and Express a bit recently.  So, on Monday I checked out my local Indigo and found a book Full Stack Javascript with Mean by Adam Bretz & Colin J. Ihrig.  So over the new week or so, I will try to go through the book and get a better idea of how all the 4 technologies work together.

Initial Quick thoughts on Backbone

On Thursday I started taking a look into Backbone, with Code School’s course The Anatomy of BackboneJS.  In comparison to the other popular Javascript MV*, Backbone seemed more like Ember than Angular.  Angular seems to be the most powerful, and in the most in demand among the 3.

So, once I finish the Node, Express, and Coffescript courses mid next week I will be putting in alot of time with Angular!

Ember Done!

On Sunday I started the Ember Course, which consisted of 7 levels which each took roughly 60-90minutes, and I finished it earlier today.  I thought that ember would be more like AngularJS, but they seemed to be quite different in my opinion, and I will have some fun trying the Backbone course over the next few days.

A rough breakdown of the content included in each level was:

Level 1: Routes, Templates

Level 2: tagName, link-to

Level 3: Resource Routes, Dynamic Routes, Nested Routes

Level 4: Models, Fixtures

Level 5: Array Controllers, Computed Properties

Level 6:  Components, Views, Partials, Render

Level 7: Controller Actions, Model Data Binding, Events in Views


Javascript Best Practices Done, Time for some Angular!

Last night I completed the Javascript Best Practices course.  This course showed a bunch of tips to help improve performance while writing more efficient code.  I will definitely try this course again in the near future to make sure that I am writing efficient Javascript.

Up next in my code school schedule, is Shaping up with AngularJS and Staying Sharp with AngularJS.  The first course I completed back in November, as it is free on Through that tutorial, I was introduced to code school.

The first course I should be able to complete fairly quickly,  as the content briefly includes, directives, forms, and services which I have known about for a couple months now.